*I picked up some wonderful tulips at Whole Foods today.  They spruce up our table so much and remind me that Spring is really here, even when the weather doesn't seem to agree.

*I also splurged on an adorable onesie for our new wee one coming soon.  It's a sweat-shop-free ethically made garment, and I just love the print and color.  I snagged it from Whole Foods when we were there this morning.  Buying things for this next baby gets me so much more excited to meet him or her.

*Snacking on some delicious muffins while I relax this afternoon.  I found this amazing recipe and have used it many times over the past few months.  Flour-less, sugar-less, and pretty much just awesome.

*Excited to read this book!  My friend mentioned she picked it up from the library, and I gave it a shot as well even though it's a pretty new book and I figured I'd be out of luck.  They had it and I was so happy!  I love the author and how she writes, and after reading her last book, I can't wait to see what she writes in this one.

*Things are going well with life and pregnancy.  I am around 32 weeks now, and feeling pretty good overall.  The baby moves a lot, and it's amazing to think there is a wee one inside my tummy.  I have been busy gathering birth supplies, baby gear we need, and organizing the areas of our home that need some attention.  These next two months are going to fly by, I just know it!

Happy spring everyone!


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