Simple Goal Setting


I'm not going to lie, being a mama takes work!  It's amazing how I can still function some days with only 4 hours of consecutive sleep and a tiny bowl of applesauce.  Finn is SO worth the hard work of learning how to be a mama though.
Anyway I was just thinking about goal setting, and I love this image.  I can get overwhelmed really quickly...I was like that in college and at some stressful jobs I've had.  This is a great reminder that I don't have to be a super-mom and get a million things done every day.  One small goal accomplished each day is good enough for me right now.  Today is laundry, tomorrow will be finishing a baby shower invitation I'm working on, and Thursday will be to see my sister.  Giving myself permission to accomplish one thing at a time helps me be more productive in the long run since it's harder to get overwhelmed when there's only one thing to do.

One day, I'll have more time to organize and work on multiple projects.  But for now, I just get to enjoy my precious baby boy and take care of him...which is the best job in the whole world. :)


After a wonderful weekend away with both sets of parents, we had a relaxing evening at home watching the Oscars.  Landon went out and got some appetizers and a drink while I put Finn to bed, and then we actually watched the whole thing!
I think the best acceptance speech was Christopher Plummer...he's so charming!  And I loved the performance by Cirque Du Soleil.  We both had our mouths hanging open the whole time...such talent!  It was so nice to be able to enjoy a quiet night with Landon in our little home.

Now, on to the week ahead.  It's so beautiful out today and I'm feeling optimistic.  Enjoy your Monday!


3 months

Our baby boy turned 3 months old yesterday!

Current likes:

*bath time
*paintings on the walls
*blowing spit bubbles
*kicking his legs
*sucking on his fists
*diaper changes
*hearing me sing to him in a hammed up opera voice
*being held
*looking at stripes and lines

Current dislikes:

*tummy time!
*getting put into his car seat (once we're driving he's fine)
*wearing hats
*being swaddled

We are loving life with Finn.  He is getting a little personality and loves trying to laugh...not quite there, but he's close.  He absolutely loves bath time.  He'll kick and splash and smile the whole time.  He is getting better at sleeping longer stretches and is going 6-8 hours pretty consistently...woo hoo!

Finn, you are so precious to us and we love you so much!
Happy 3 months!


happy friday...

Happy Friday everyone!  What are your weekend plans?  Landon and I are headed up to Goshen for a weekend with family and friends.  We're really excited for the color party my boss is throwing tomorrow night!  This year's color is purple!  We are going to get our outfits today....still figuring that one out. :)

My parents are coming today to spend some time with Finn and me.  I love that his grandparents live so close...I had a wonderful relationship with all my grandparents growing up and I'm so glad Finn gets to do the same.

It's a glorious day today!  The sun is out, I'm feeling rested from Finn sleeping 7 hours straight (score!) and I'm getting things done.

Here are some inspiring things from the interwebs that I love...happy weekend!

gotta try these!

If you like Bach and aquariums, check out this neat video.

Check out these awesome underwater photos of dogs chasing balls!

Annnd underwater babies!  I'm signing Finn and myself up for an infant swim class and I'm so excited!


Isn't this a pretty tattoo?




Well, I am officially 26 years old today!  I can't believe it.  It doesn't seem that old to me, but I'm amazed at how quickly this past year flew by.  It was definitely a wonderful 25th year, and I'm excited to enjoy each and every day of my 26th.

Landon surprised me with a candlelit dinner last night.  I walked downstairs after putting Finn to bed and the table was set with flowers, chocolates, a card, and food from my favorite mediterranean restaurant.  I started crying because after some super rough weeks, it was exactly what I needed.  He even watched The Notebook with me...love that movie.  (No judgments please, I like it and that's that.) ;)

Tonight we're going to Starbucks for my free birthday drink!  I love that they do that, right?  And home for some good food and lemon bars! Oh and my all time favorite movie...Groundhog Day!!  Haha, I've watched that every year on my birthday since I was in high school.

I feel so loved today...so many amazing friends and family are in my life!

Here are a few things I'm loving today...

My little cutie boy.

This amazing egg sandwich I found here.



Happy Valentine's Day!  Give a kiss to your loves today...I'm lucky I have two this year, my husband and my precious son.
Life and love are beautiful!








I'm so excited for this weekend!  My dear college friend Ballard is coming to visit.  She is like my little sister and we have so much fun when we get together.  The thing I love most about our visits is how we can be so transparent with each other.  You know those very few friends who you can completely be yourself around?  The ones who can hear about your failures and flaws and accept you all the same?
I only have a few people like that in my life and I'm so lucky she's one of them.

We are going to have a ball starting tonight!  There really isn't an agenda other than the usual...Flying Cupcake run, Modern Family, Revenge, and Once Upon A Time, and basically lounging around and talking.  There will be lots of playing and kisses with Finn too I bet.

Our friendship is simple, we love being with each other and that's that. :)


Finn doesn't usually enjoy tummy time, so I put him in front of our floor length mirror and he did so good!  He's growing into such a little man.  I put him in some jeans and a flannel shirt the other day and I couldn't believe how grown up he looked.
I'm the luckiest mama in the whole world. :)


valentine's day cards...

I'm not really the Valentine's Day card giving type, but if I were, these cards would be perfect!





Well, February is here already and I can hardly believe how fast 2012 is going.  Slow down, please!

Since this is the love month and my favorite month of all, I thought I'd reflect on the love in my life, my amazing husband.

*Landon.  I love you more than any other person on this whole earth.  You are my dearest and most treasured friend.  You are my pal and the only one I can share my deepest feelings with.  Thanks for laughing with me and not at me, loving me even when I am mad about something, and sharing your own dreams with me.  I love it when we snuggle in bed and watch Big Bang Theory on your computer.  I love dancing with you by myself in the kitchen while you laugh as our food is cooking.  I love playing Settlers of Catan with you and trying to beat you every time.

Thank you for sticking with me through the hard times.  Through the times I'm sick, mad, bawling, not talking, hurt, and overcome with the everyday frustrations.  Thank you for leading our family and setting a good example.

You are a flippin' awesome dad to Finn.  I love how you never baby talk him, you teach him German, and you wrastle with him.  I love how you tell him about your day as you give him a bath and that you throw his diapers into the wash for me.  I can't wait to watch you teach him how to fix things, make chocolate chip cookies, and pee standing up.  If Finn Abram grows up into half the man you are, then I will be blissfully happy.

We are a team, an unstoppable duo, and we will conquer our obstacles and live out our dreams together.  I fall more in love with you every day, every year.  Nothing will ever get in the way of my love for you, babe.  Here's to one of the most exciting years yet!
I love you man.


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