a backyard concert...

Hoefer House Band 7.13.13 from Leah Rife on Vimeo.

On Saturday, we had the privilege of enjoying a wonderful outdoor concert in my sister's backyard.  Landon's brother, Daniel, and a bunch of his friends are an incredibly talented group of musicians, and they played and sang for us for two hours under the sky.  It was such a relaxing and fun evening, as family and friends gathered to listen, eat, and fellowship.  Hannah put together a delicious S'mores bar, and there was a cotton candy machine that Landon's other brother, Benjamin, brought.  Finn absolutely loved it, and sang and danced along with the music.  It brought me so much happiness to see so many people together just appreciating the simple things in life on a warm summer night.


Guest Post...

Today, I am guest posting over at Something Ivory, Kate's beautiful blog.  She asked me to participate in her Ambassadors For Marriage series she is running.  It was such a treat to think through the questions she sent, and I loved the informal interview format she gave me.  You can read my guest post here.  Kate has a such a refreshing blog, and she is a very talented writer, musician, and creative type.  She always has a wonderful take on life.  I love getting to know new friends through the blogging world!

So thankful for a long 4th of July weekend with my amazing husband and our family.  Ready to enjoy and savor this week!


a simple lunch...

For my simple lunch I threw together...

*Two large handfuls spinach leaves
*1/2 medium zucchini, chopped
*small sprinkle of mozzarella cheese
*1 clove garlic, minced
*olive oil
*balsamic vinegar
*dill weed

Craving something green and full of goodness today.  But I am also looking forward to some yummy treats for the 4th of July and the weekend.  Landon and I are making donuts for the celebration.

We are going to try to take Finn to see some fireworks tomorrow night.  Not sure exactly how he'll react, but hopefully they will be fun for him.  I'll be taking off until next week, so happy 4th of July and happy summer!!



baby girl headband...

Some good friends from our small group recently had a sweet baby girl!  It's their first, and we get to see them today when we take some food over to their house.  They didn't find out what they were having until the birthday, so it was a wonderful surprise for everyone that knows them.

As soon as we heard, I knew I wanted to make a little headband for the little one.  Finn tried it on to model, and I have to say, he looked pretty darn cute.  It made me want to have a little girl someday so I can put headbands on her.  Maybe I'll just make some sweatbands for Finn to wear in the meantime. :)

So happy for our friends!  What a blessing this child is and will be to so many people!!


farm fresh...

We have been enjoying checking out the farmers markets around here this season.  It feels so good to get up on a Saturday morning and head out to buy veggies, fruits, and eggs from the local vendors.  If the weather is nice, we try to bike or walk on the Monon and get a little activity in as a family.

This past Saturday my mom came with us, and we walked a little ways up to Carmel to the market and had a wonderful morning.  We bought these delicious free-range eggs and have been savoring them ever since.  I also tried a walking waffle for the first time, and it was mouth-watering.  It's a dense waffle with sugar cubes mixed into the batter, and it is heaven in your mouth, pretty much. :)

We hope to have many more Saturday mornings together as a family, trying new treats, buying fresh food, and supporting our local farmers.

P.S.  Happy July!!


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