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Wednesdays are my busy days; Finn and I have the car and I go to Bible study then run errands, Finn takes one nap, and we pick up Landon after work.  I try not to look too frazzled on days like today, but it's hard sometimes.  Thankfully, I got some new earrings that really spruce up any look...like roll out of bed, throw my hair in a bun and slap on a little eye makeup look.  I'm getting better at accessorizing, because I'm terrible at it, and things like earrings really help.  I got them at Khol's on sale, plus a coupon...boosh.

This week has been crazy period.  Landon and I decided to stay in Indy for another year, then revisit that decision next year.  We have been contemplating moving out of state for awhile and see ourselves living somewhere else in the future.  However, with timing of a few things, we thought it best to stay a bit longer here and take this next year to really figure out what our future may look like afterwards.  So, we may be staying in our condo, or we might move within the city elsewhere, and these past few weeks have been figuring that out.  Basically, we're waiting on two people to get back with us before we know for sure.  And it's hard to wait.  I love to plan, and I want to know way ahead of time what the plan will be.

Since we may or may not be moving in the next month, and we are busy every weekend in February (best month of the year!!), I will not be posting as frequently...as you have seen already.  But, I'll try to stay in the loop!


chocolate donuts...


A few weekends ago, Landon made these delicious donuts for us to enjoy.  He made them the same way as we did here, but did a wonderful chocolate icing glaze instead of plain or cinnamon and sugar.

Easy and quick to make at home, you should try them!

They were gone too quickly, and I am in the mood for some right now.  Ahhh, we are still working on our slow carb diet thingy, so we can't have sweets until Saturday.  Looking at pictures of food I want sort of helps during the week, but eating them is waaayy better.  Come quickly, weekend.  It's funny though, this is our third week trying this diet out, and our sugar cravings have gone down quite a bit.  The first week was rough, the second easier, and the third is not too bad.  Mind you, we've failed a few times and eaten something we shouldn't have, but overall, I've been very proud of our efforts.  I'll do a post once we're done with the diet...which is February 6th! So close...

Meanwhile, you can find me gazing at pictures of perfectly prepare desserts on Pinterest, finding a slow carb menu option we haven't tried yet, or filling up my water bottle for the 5th time in the day.


diy pallet coffee table...

We have wanted a coffee table ever since we moved into our second apartment as a married couple.  Landon is so great at reminding me to be patient in furnishing our spaces.  Our generation seems to expect a whole lot more than what even our parents had in the first years of marriage, and it's been really good taking things slow and as we can afford them.  We have become somewhat picky about what we bring into our home ever since we started simplifying our belongings.  But we really wanted a coffee table...I just feel like a coffee table makes hosting and fellowship in the home so much more comfortable.

After finding some inspiration on pinterest, we decided to do our own version using wood pallets.  I found some on craigslist and a hardware store for free, and Landon designed the table...and all the rest. :)  He absolutely loves getting to work with his hands on projects like this, and frankly, having a baby makes it hard for me to help him.  He finished it up yesterday, and we were able to use it for the first time when we had our small group over for supper.  We love it!  Finn loves it too, as it's the perfect height to stand at and walk around.  Landon used the same stain that he did our dining room chairs, so the wood matches really well, not that I care too much.  It helps the rooms flow together though.

So, come on over for game nights, and appetizers, and craft projects!  We've got a sweet table to center around now. :)







Some things I've been thinking on these days...

*God is good all the time.  I see His hand working in my life.  I am thankful for this.

*The things most worth fighting for are the hardest fights to fight.  Thankful for a husband who is willing to fight alongside me each day.

*Constantly looking forward to next month, next year, or down the road is robbing me of today.  I want to embrace each day all on its own and appreciate it for what it is.

*Letting go of negative thoughts, words, and people is giving me room to breathe.

*Friendships are things that I must invest time and energy into, and the rewards are so worth it.

*Accepting myself for how I've been created will bring contentment.

*Being intentional in relationships is one of the most important things I can do with my time.

*Trying new things will stretch me and grow me in ways I would not have otherwise.


green goddess sandwiches...




Last week we made a recipe I had wanted to try from this post.  Now avocados can seem intimidating to use, and I am always trying to find ways to use them creatively.  This was a perfect recipe though and Finn loved it too....big plus!  I used Ezekiel bread to make them, put goat cheese and avocado on, then grilled them in a buttered skillet.
Delish and quick!



things i like about today

*the sun is shining and it feels so good
*finn is taking a long, long nap and I love the free quiet time
*we're having homemade chili tonight
*i wore lipstick and felt pretty wearing it
*i get to talk with one of my best friends on a phone date tonight
*heading to yoga class again tonight...excited for the calmness and refreshing atmosphere, not to mention the incredible workout
*hearing words of truth spoken, and learning not to fear the future, or other people's opinions...it's a daily process for me
*rolled dates from Whole Foods...almost like eating fudge


out with the boys...




We had a wonderful time sipping on lattes the other night at our favorite coffee house.  Finn does really well when we go out, which is such a relief as it allows us to enjoy our time when we do.  He's too young for coffee obviously, but he has his handy water cup and cheerios to let him feel included.  I so love these little moments I get to share with my family!


a bit of this and that...





Some healthy breakfast food I've been trying.  If you've never had Ezekiel bread, you should definitely try it out.  An organic egg omelet with grape tomatoes, and cheddar cheese is filling and delicious.  Adding a small side of pinto beans tops it all off nicely.  Never thought I'd be eating beans for breakfast, but here I am.

Finn was staring at the guys planting a tree in front of our condo earlier this winter, and I just had to take a photo.  This kid doesn't miss a thing.  He was watching them for at least 20 minutes straight.

A photo from our trip to the Poconos.  We had such a great time out there hiking and being with family.  I love to reminisce.  I am also working on finishing up editing the photos from that trip...the holidays put a halt on that project.

My sweet boy playing in the snow last week.  It's pretty much gone now, save for a few heaps here and there. (Which I'm totally cool with.)  Also, Finn WALKED alone for the first time today!!  Proud mama right here.  Did I get it on video camera?  No.  But I saw it happen and I was so happy when it did.  He's growing up so fast.

Getting ready for our cheat day on the slow-carb menu tomorrow...so we bought kettle chips, chocolate chip cookie dough, and we're making homemade donuts in the morning.  Also, I may be staying up til midnight to eat a snack......
Hey, don't judge, I need to ease into dropping all sugar and white carbs during the week, and this is our first week at it.  We are hoping for long-term changes to come of this whole healthy eating thing instead of getting frustrated and giving up all together.
I have to say, pinto beans are underrated.

Have a great weekend!



diy headbands for a baby girl...


A friend recently had a sweet baby girl and since I have a baby boy, I was excited to make something frilly for her.  I found this fun and easy diy, and tweaked it a bit to make my own headbands.  I got some jersey fabric from JoAnn Fabrics and just cut and sewed them together.  I didn't use hot glue as some previous headbands I made got a bit messy...me and hot glue are on a journey to understand each other.

Simple to make, and hopefully comfortable to wear for the little one, these headbands are so fun.  Hopefully someday, I can make one for my own little girl.

On a side note:
I've been keeping up with my New Year's aspirations and attended a yoga class last night.  So much fun, and challenging too.  I found this video online to add to my practice at home throughout the week and it's one of my favorite routines I've ever tried.  Tie this in with a healthy low-carb menu Landon and I have been trying, and my body will be healthy and in shape in no time!  Excited about this and at how I'm actually sticking with it at the moment.  Let's hope that continues....


3 pins I want to try...

I love Pinterest!  Finally, I have a way to keep all of those links in one organized space online...instead of a ridiculous amount of tabs or bookmarks.  Every time I get on and check out other pins, I am inspired.  A goal of mine is to become better at trying the pins out instead of just pinning to make my board look complete.  So, here are 3 pins I am aiming to complete in the next couple of weeks.


This hairstyle looks awesome.  My hair is getting long, very long, so I am able to do a bit more with it.  I'm all about laid back looks, so this one seems like it would be fun.

Source: vimeo.com via Leah on Pinterest

I am actually doing this one already!  But my goal is to practice yoga regularly, so I'm hoping to develop a good habit and incorporate it into my weekly routine.  I love the freedom and calmness of yoga, and it's a secret dream of mine to one day master it and be able to teach it to others.  A dream, I said.  Tomorrow, I am taking a class at a local place and I am so excited to get in there with some other people.


This sandwich looks delicious.  Landon and I are working at eating healthy, and it's a constant process. I have loved Pinterest and all the amazing recipes I stumble upon.  Thankfully, Finn is great at trying new things...he already loves avocados, goat cheese, and spinach, so I'm sure he will love this recipe too.

Here are a few pinners I love to follow:

Joanna Goddard

Megan Gilger

Sarah Kieffer

I'll let you know how it goes.  What about you, what are your favorite pins?



Vintage Sky

Happy Monday!

*I am grateful for my toasty warm home when it's chilly outside.

*I am grateful for being able to bundle up my baby and myself and get outside on chilly day.

*I am grateful for being raised in the Midwest and a loyal ND football fan.  GO IRISH!!!

*I am grateful for family with whom I can be myself.

*I am grateful for friends that encourage me.

*I am grateful for allowing fewer things in my home and life and how it's making me happier and more content.

*I am grateful for open-mouthed wet kisses from my baby boy, and hearing his voice sweetly say "mama."

*I am grateful for the freedom we have right now.  To move far away if we want, travel, and not be tied down to one place.

*I am also grateful for this fine city we call home, and if we stay here longer, I'm down with that.

*I am grateful that I can work at home, in my bedroom, in my pjs if I want.

*I am grateful for my Abba Father.  He provides for me and cares deeply.  Call it a crutch if you will, but I won't live without it.

*I am grateful for my husband, for all he does for me, and how he loves me so unconditionally.

I am just so happy today...there are so many things to be grateful for in my life.  I refuse to let the world get me down, and I choose joy instead!  So happy monday, friends. 



wardrobe experiment...




Today I tackled a new project for the new year.  I have been inspired to cut down drastically on the amount of clothes I own.  I only wear 3/4ths of my clothes anyway, so it's just a matter of clearing the rest out.  It's hard to bring myself to get rid of clothes sometimes, so I am trying a different approach.  I took out all the clothes from my closet, and sorted the ones I'd really like to wear for the next few months, trying to keep the amount at a minimum.  I put those back into my closet in somewhat of an organized order. (Note: Landon's tshirts are on the bottom shelf of the closet, I only took up half the hang up space and the top shelf!)  Then, I got rid of a couple things I knew for sure I won't wear again, and the rest went into a big pile.  I put those into a bin and will keep them, but after 2 or 3 months, I'll open it up again and then get rid of as much as I can.

After this round, I am really wanting to try the Project 333 to get an even better perspective on my wardrobe and it's impact on my life.  For now, I'm getting a little more strict with myself, but allowing for learning room.  I will try to keep clothes buying down to a minimum, but also keep an eye out for high quality pieces my wardrobe could use.

And you know what?  It feels so great to look at my cleaned up closet!





Landon and I are super excited about this new year.  There are some changes coming in our home...a possible move, a stronger bent towards a simple lifestyle, and a few other things.  We have been talking a lot about the new year and the idea of resolutions.  While I personally feel like resolutions can be a failure trap and don't always work, I love the idea of aspirations. (Thanks to my one of my best friends for giving me this word!)  So we came up with just a few aspirations for our family this year:

*Simplicity - over the last three years of our marriage, we have become more and more passionate about simple living.  We feel like it is a lifestyle that fits us well, and we are seeing the amazing benefits of working towards a simple life.  This is our number one aspiration, not just for this year, but for the rest of our lives.  Simple Mom is an amazing blog that got me started thinking on this subject a few years ago.  I bought Tsh's book, and it is full of great simplicity inspiration.  Another life-changing blog I stumbled upon earlier this year is Becoming Minimalist.  Every article I've read is convicting and inspiring.  Take a read sometime.

*Enrichment - We feel like this goes along with simplicity.  As we remove clutter and distractions from our lives and home, it's important to replace those things with something else...something more rich and substantial.  We have a desire to spend more quality time together experiencing new things...like taking more trips instead of spending money on insignificant purchases for our home or closet, and replacing a lot of cheap things in our home with few high quality ones.  By buying a small amount of simple whole foods for our groceries instead of a lot of cheap processed ones.

*Intention - This is another big one for us.  We want to have more time to focus on the relationships in our lives, and by ridding our schedules of things that rob us of time, we will be free.  Also, by focusing on others more, we will become happier people as we take the focus off ourselves and what we think we need to be happy.  We also want to be intentional with every aspect of our lives...what we buy, how we spend our time, and making sure we make room for the things that are important to us.

*Personal - Landon has a personal desire to read more, meditate, be more active, and become more giving and generous to others.  My personal aspirations are to cut out a lot of the refined sugar in my diet, practice yoga regularly, listen more, and read more.

Since these are aspirations, we are leaving room for learning, and knowing that each small decision we make towards these aspirations can only do us good.  These are aspirations that we hope to make into habits, and we are excited to work at them little by little.

What about you, what new decisions have you made for this year and the coming ones?


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