Letterpress Love

I love the look of letterpress.  The designs are so simplistic and the contrast is great.
My fiancee and I were walking around the Saturday Market in downtown Portland, and we came across a little booth of letterpress products.  I was so intrigued and drawn into the work I saw. The gal in the booth told me some of her creative process and even gave me a list of her paper suppliers.  She then gave me two quaint little note cards to take home.  
This was truly an inspiration for me.  

Later, while browsing the web for letterpress ideas, I found some instructions for creating a small home letterpress.  I think that maybe this summer I will try and build the press and start experimenting with printing.  This will become my baby project for the year I think.

Lately, I've done a couple of rough sketches that were inspired by some of the research I've done.  The leaf design is possibly the rough draft for my own wedding invitations.  I hope to be able to hand make them if my press gets built.  The bird design is for a thank you card.

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