Eastern Love

The road trip I took this week was amazing! We saw so many wonderful places and friends and had some fabulous food as well.

Some things we saw:

Hershey (which really does smell like chocolate)
Liberty bell
Independence Hall
Elfreth's Alley
Betsy Ross's house
Christ's Church
Ben Franklin's grave
Art Musem steps

New Jersey
The apartment where my parents lived when Hannah and I were little babes
Princeton University - where my momma worked
Princeton Seminary - where my daddy studied
Thomas Sweet - where my parents would go for yummy treats
Albert Einstein's home

New York
BreAnn, Kratzer, Kaylyn, baby Kai, and my brother-in-law
Downtown Corning wich is so cute
Mark Twain's grave
Downtown Elmira
Beautiful Upstate New York

Some things we ate:

Best and most authentic Philly cheesesteak
Dunkin Donuts twice and Krispy Kreme once
Brick oven thin crust pizza
French Kiss ice cream from Thomas Sweet, so delicious even though I don't like ice cream that much.

Wonderful trip with some beautiful girls. These are the things I'll cherish when I've grown old.
I'm so glad to be home with my husband now, I missed him every day. He bached out while I was gone and worked so hard. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home...homemade food, hot tea, good books, goods shows, quiet...the best. :)

Leaving you with some of my favorite images from the trip.



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