fall & flannel

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year!  I don't mean to shortchange these last days of summer, but I'm so excited for fall to arrive.  It's only in the 70s today, and I'm getting the itch.  Fall is special to me...I started getting interested in Landon at a fall party one year, we got engaged in the fall, married in the fall, and fall colors are my favorite!

How about some nice flannel shirts...Landon has worn flannel ever since he was little, definitely well before flannel became popular.

Fall is the perfect time to linger in bed a few minutes longer, or catch up on all those books you've been wanting to read while snuggled up in a warm blanket.

And of course you have to have apple cider and doughnuts!  Now for all you city folks, I'm not talking about cider from the store...I'm talking about true, un-pasturized, sweet, tangy, fresh cider.  We were raised on this stuff every fall.  There's another good thing about living in the midwest.



And how about a nice tour of some fall-ish destination?  Here's Bonneyville Mill in Bristol, Indiana where I grew up.  It's right in the heart of Amish country and so very lovely in the fall.  You can pick up some freshly milled whole grain flour too.  Doesn't it look so pretty with the fall colors?

So here's to fall coming soon please!  I guess I should tell you to make the most of the these last days of summer, but I'm not...I'm telling you to start planning what you'll do in the fall so you can make the most of this short, but gorgeous season. :)  But that's just me.



Josie Beck said...

I'm excited for fall, too!!!! But I hate that it means soon after that all the trees will be dead and we're in for a long cold winter. But it's okay, because spring comes EVERY year! No lie! hahaha.
I love flannel and the excuse to finally wear it again. (We are long time flannel lovers as well.)
I LOVE spiced cider (and even though I grew up in the city, I grew up with an organic mama who knew how to pick her cider. Oh and Washington is the apple state. ;))
AND....I want to eat some of those doughnuts right now. (BJ makes the best homemade doughnuts of all time.)
AAAAAAAAND I love every season of the year. Each one makes me appreciate all the others by the end of them. haha. :)

Leah Rife said...

That's so great! I know I should love each season, but I'm so biased. I swear there is something different in the air during Fall.
Yes, yes, yes...can we please have a flannel, cider, doughnut party?? BJ can make the doughnuts, and we'll bring the cider. :) I was trying to figure out which state is best known for cider, but I couldn't...I'm sure it's probably not Indiana though. :) But we loved going to the old orchards that sold cider out of their garages in reused milk jugs. So great! I'm glad that you had a similar experience...I feel sorry for people who have never gotten to try the real stuff. :)

Josie Beck said...

I can see advantages to growing up in the city and in the country though. I don't think one is better than the other! But it is good to think about all the things that we are grateful for from our upbringing. And that is SO cool that they put it in old milk jugs. I don't think I had the pleasure of experiencing that!
I would LOVE to have a fall party! That would be so much fun. For some reason I keep thinking Indy is on the way to Chicago and I'll hopefully be getting to see you guys whenever we drive to see my fam! But I must be dreaming, because it's not. haha.
Love all your posts. They are so happy and upbeat, I need to try that for a change. ;)
Love, Jos

Hannah said...

Fall is definitely the best season ever! If only it could be all year around I would be the happiest camper! lol Cider season is coming up so soon! :) You and your hubby should come up and we'll all go to our favorite spots around here from our childhood. Judsons Orchard is still up and running in the great Bristol Fruithills and they have a winery now too! Also, did you remember that Grandpa and Grandma Sherck almost bought Bonneyville Mill and renovated it into their house! I'm glad they bought their farm though... great memories there. I know I always tell you this but I love your blog. I love how you help me remember old memories and experience new ones through your creative eyes! Love you always!

Alla said...

Finally someone who loves fall just as much as I :)
& agreed fall and flannels simply do go hand in hand.


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