crickets and cutting boards

*I love the sound of crickets, but I don't like seeing them.  One time, I was on the phone and I looked down and a cricket was sitting on my foot...I may have kicked that poor little guy down a stairwell.  Sorry cricket, but don't startle me.

*I love baking and cooking 3 things at once and find it a satisfactory challenge to try to keep up with all the dishes and have them finished when my food is done.  (this does not always pan out the way I envision.)

*When I see a pregnant woman, I just want to go up to her and tell her how absolutely beautiful she is...I think expecting mothers are amazing! But I'm usually too shy to say anything. (is this stalker-ish?)

*I can't bear to let the foam off the top of a caramel macchiato go to waste, so if I can't find a spoon, I may lick out the cup using my finger.....mmm, all that foamy carmel-y goodness.

*I have never made a recipe using artichoke. I bought one at Kroger yesterday in hopes that I would be motivated to make something.  Now I need to find the perfect recipe.  Any suggestions?

*My most favorite kitchen item is our wooden cutting board.  Dear cutting board, thank you for staying with me through thick and thin, for always taking the most messy situations, and for cleaning up so nicely. Love, Leah

*Bill Murray is my most favorite actor and I wish we could be on a bowling team together.

*I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  I hope I make you smile some days. :)



Hannah said...

I *love* your blog. It inspires me, makes me laugh out loud, and helps shine a little light on my day. Thank you! :)

E-Z E said...

I suggest make a legit pizza! I get a pizza with artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes on it! It tastes amazing!

Barb said...

I love your blog and seeing your pictures! Makes me feel connected....so happy for your wonderful life...


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