raspberries are healthy {but can i have cookies instead?}

I'm so reluctant...
Since I work in the afternoons, it is a challenge to pull myself out of bed some most mornings.  But it's so cozy and warm and snuggly in there. My mom said I've always been, well, kind of a grouch in the mornings if I'm woken up by someone else. Landon always wakes me up before he goes to work, and today I just couldn't go back to sleep. I defiantly set my alarm for 9:45 and huffed back under the covers...only to have my brain wake up and start thinking away.  Shame on you brain.
So finally I got up and it's a good thing...I went for a long walk, went to the store, and ate a healthy breakfast. Yay! The walk was so nice too...I loved the crisp air, it made people's cheeks rosy and I love rosy cheeks.
I bought some raspberries and ate a decent breakfast, even though I wanted to eat some leftover no-bake cookies.
Ah, now onto the rest of the day. Alright morning, you were pretty great I guess...I'll try to spend more waking time with you in the future.

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