Tonight I'm thankful for:
*finding old pictures of Landon and I from way back when
*my amazing and wonderful friend and lover who is so kind and funny and loving
*open windows at night
*toaster strudels!
*our new couch...it's so comfy
*laughing with Landon
*long walks
*my carmex lip balm
*Landon kissing me so he can have smooth lips too
*the ability to feel and love and cry
*striped shirts
*my fan so I can sleep like a baby
*seeing a beautiful mom and baby at the post office and thinking how amazing it will be to be a mother someday
*the music of imogen heap
*dill pickles
*getting to talk with my Abba Father at any moment, at any time of day, at any spot, about anything
*cuddling with Landon and whispering secrets to each other
*fresh raspberries

Have a lovely night my friends....


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