This is a great day!

The apple scones turned out great last night....and they were equally delicious this morning. Try this awesome recipe for yourself.  Also, I don't usually put in the whole amount of sugar, so put it all in if you want a really sweet taste.  I got that from my Dad growing up. "Leah, you don't need to put the whole 2 cups of sugar in. One will be just fine."

I actually did all of the dishes this morning!  This almost never happens, so I had to document it.  And since we don't really use our dishwasher, I have become and expert stacker-of-dishes.  I've got skillz.

My needlework projects are coming along.  I don't get a lot of time to work on them, but I'm liking how they're turning out.

And the besty best best part....I got a Wacom tablet!!  For those who might not know, it's a giant trackpad (like the one on laptops) where I can navigate on my desktop using my fingers or a special pen. I got it for my design work because I can have so much more freedom to make handwritten objects and organic shapes.  I made our leaf wedding invitations using a tablet I borrowed from a friend.  I can't wait to get it to good use.

So today is a great day!  These aren't the only reasons why, but they make me happy.  Days don't always go the way I want and other people may not always be nice, but I have been trying to actively choose to have a good attitude.  Otherwise, I'll just waddle in self-pity forever and not go anywhere...so thanks for letting me share the itsy bitsy things that make my day bright.

Have a great day!

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