We are having a great September....I can't believe it's coming to an end this week.  But October has some great things in store as well.

My boss talked with me a couple days ago, and basically said they don't need me for 35 hours each week (which I had kind of gathered since I was working more like 20-25 hours.) She said they were probably going to make it more like 15-20 hours, and the schedule would revolve more around her work schedule since she's an ER pediatrician.  They said they'd love to keep me on, but understood if I wanted to find something with more money and hours.  So Landon and I talked about it, and I talked with my mom, and I prayed about it.  This actually came at a perfect time since I'm wanting to get an Etsy shop and freelance work going.  I decided to stay with the family and work less so that I could be free to do more graphic stuff.  I'm super excited, and I really feel good about the situation.

It's amazing how things work out, and how timing is so crucial.  I have been thinking about finding work with less hours, but I didn't want to say anything quite yet to my boss.  So the fact that she brought it up was just perfect!  God's timing is perfect.

We are getting really excited for next weekend.  It's our 1 year anniversary!!  We're getting our pictures taken by Imagination Photography and staying in a cabin at a cute Bed and Breakfast up in Goshen.  I don't think either of us have ever stayed at a B&B, so we're kind of pumped.  We'll probably check out some orchards and a diner, and just enjoy the fall colors up in northern Indiana which is absolutely gorgeous during the fall.  There are some great fruit hills and a winery nearby too!

So nothing much is going on now, we did errands yesterday, had brunch, went to a movie, and got Steak N' Shake at 10:30pm....I know, I know.  But today we got home from church and are just relaxing now and watching the Cowboys.  I finally lit my apple butter candle and it smells divine.  Maybe I'll put on some Iron & Wine and try making bagels later...found a sweet recipe and it looks like fun!

Enjoy your day my friends!

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Corrie Drake said...

Hey Leah! I just realized that you have this blogspot and it was nice to hear how life is going for you and what is the latest! I have to admit, it kinda feels somewhat stalker-ish... I see your pictures and updates on Facebook, but I am so out of touch with everything!

Anyway... congrats on your upcoming anniversary :) Today Joe and I celebrate 3 months. Haha, I know, it's not quite the same!

If ya'll are ever in San Antonio or Austin, let me know!! Maybe you should plan a trip :)



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