breakfast thoughts

good morning!  this time change has helped me so i don't sleep in as late....bad, bad habit.  i'm getting to be more of a breakfast person, and this is one of my favorites.

today i shall be editing photos, listening to some great tunes, getting the car in for a tune up, having a soy cappuccino, and enjoying the 69 degree weather! later tonight we have small group and i can't wait to go.

landon and i have decided to not watch our t.v. shows for awhile....it just has wasted a lot of our time in the evenings.  we are already getting a ton of stuff done and just having quality time together.  when we were little, both of our families stopped watching t.v. for awhile.  i think that's why us kids were all so imaginative, creative, and able to entertain ourselves.  i don't think i want our children watching t.v. until they're teenagers. :)

have a happy day!


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