coaster love

these coasters are so unique and would be perfect on any coffee table (ideally it would be a vintage scratched up wooden table or a trunk).
i found these italian stone coasters on Meadow Tea's etsy shop.

it's so neat to go to a home that has practical pieces (like coasters), but they're artistic and little works of art in themselves....it's so refreshing.

well we're celebrating Landon's birthday tomorrow!!  we're going to see Due Date, then out for some good food somewhere (we haven't decided where yet).  i'm buying him a harmonica for his birthday and i'm so excited!  now he'll play that with me when i play guitar and we sing together.

also, today we are 1 month away from leaving on a much needed vacation with my sister and her husband...it's going to be epic.

have a wonderful evening my friends.


Anna Walker said...

Woah! I love the changing seasons tree, and the coffee ones! :)
And the ones above those... lets face it, I like them all! :)


Rachel at The Inspired House.org said...

OMG I'm obsessed! I love the second ones down ( blue birds)...so dainty!

josie beck said...

I LOVE COASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are probably my favorite home accessory to buy! I have some wooden ones that are just like a small tree trunk cut up and has all the cool wood grain in them. And then I just recently bought these really cool ones at a local art festival that have maps all over them! I wish I had the link for her etsy shop or remembered the name because it was supah cool. Happy birthday to Landon!!!!!!! :)


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