i'm so happy

can i just say how lucky and happy i am to be married to this guy.  he is the best husband anyone could ask for.

this week off of work has been productive so far.  i can't believe all the stuff that accumulates around this tiny apartment like papers, dust, laundry, dishes, my clothes in rumpled piles, the trash.  it's a constant upkeep, but i read somewhere that doing a little bit of cleaning and picking up each day makes it easier than one huge overhaul.  ok, i'll try that.

i started making some Christmas presents and i'm pretty excited!  we're going low key this year, with our vacation as our gift to one another, but i still wanted to make some things for family members.  i wish i could give you a sneak peek, but they might read this. shhh.

i got our Christmas cards done, now to address and send them.

i am making two pumpkin pies tomorrow for our Thanksgiving feast and i am going to really try hard not to eat any on the drive home...but i can't be responsible for a missing slice.

our small group got cancelled for tonight, so i'm spending this evening with my boy when he gets off of work...he has been working a lot of overtime and i am dying to see him!

have a super awesome evening friends.



Blossoming Branches said...

I'm curious to know how you two love birds met.

Leah Rife said...

I should do a little post on that! We were sweethearts as teenagers. :)


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