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it has been "one of those days" these past couple of days.
i don't know why i've been easily saddened and quick tempered,
or why i have been feeling blue.

but the amazing thing has been those around me.
why is my husband so forgiving and so loving when i'm being difficult?
why was our small group discussion so meaningful and a perfect fit for this week?
why has more than one friend affirmed me with their words these past few days?
why was i blessed by three complete strangers the other day
at the grocery, at panera bread, and at firestone?

all i know is my heavenly father cares about me.
he cares, and loves, and doesn't judge.
it's ok to be sad, to cry, to be upset sometimes.
it's ok to voice my feelings.

but i must, i need, to recognize the blessings in my life,
and to be thankful for them, and not to remain down.
because there is always something good in life no matter how tough it seems.

and i am so happy and thankful for that.


Michaela said...

This is beautiful. Dontcha love how the Lord places people in our lives at the right time to cheer us up, like the people at the market, panera and firestone did for you? He works all things together for good. And amen...it is totally okay to be sad, cry and voice your feelings!

Ashley said...

What a great post. God is always present. He's everywhere. And it's beautiful when he sends His angels to comfort us.

Natalie said...

Beautiful, thank you for reminding me of this today. :)

Blossoming Branches said...

It's wonderful to see God's hand behind all the blessings in our life! He is truly so faithful to us.
p.s. I love your sincerity and honesty about life :)


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