A Very Thankful Christmas, Day 1

I can't believe Christmas week is finally here!  I am so excited for the holidays and time spending with family and friends.  The other day, I saw this post on A Cup of Jo, and it really inspired me to try not to complain for a week.  And why not try this week?  I know it will be hectic and busy, and there might be grumpy shoppers, but I think trying to focus on not complaining will make this week fun!

In order to get me in the mood, I did this little cheery santa design inspired by an old record cover.  I also decided that for me to not complain, I need to find things I am thankful for, and think about those instead.

So, while this may be a small thing, the first thing I'm so thankful for is Peppermint Hot Chocolate!  We have had this almost every other night this past week or so, and it's so delicious and good.  We like to take a regular hot chocolate mix and add in a couple of Andes Mints, and it really hits the spot.  Try it out sometime and think about why you are happy for the holidays.


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