Coffeecake and Friends...

I had such a wonderful weekend.  Landon and I took it easy on Friday night with pizza and a movie...we watched Jack Goes Boating which was amazing!  I cried.  Please watch this endearing movie if you get a chance.

On Saturday morning, Landon and I met my sister Hannah and her husband Jon, and my brother Jonah at Paradise Bakery for breakfast since they were on their way to Nashville and passing through Indy.  I love my family so much.

Then I headed up to see my roommate from college, Autumn and we had a craft day!  She is so easy to get along with and a true and genuine person.  Also, she works at a maximum security prison as a nurse, so I feel pretty safe with her since she doesn't take no crap. :)
She posted about our day also on her blog.

Autumn made a grocery bag...no pattern, she just made it and it was awesome.  I started another embroidery project.  We had amazing coffee cake that Autumn made.  I was telling Landon about the coffee cake and he wanted me to make some, so I found this recipe on foodgawker.com (which was introduced to me by Autumn.)  I'm pretty sure I will do a whole week of nothing but recipes from that website sometime.

We also got to see our friend Ballard who went to college with us.  She is a sweetie and like a little sister to me.

I hope you all are enjoying your Monday.  Don't let this dreary weather get to you.  Boil a pot of tea, sit down with a good book and have a quiet time for an hour or so.



Anna Walker said...

Yummy! I could so go for some coffeecake right now! :)


Grace said...

Very sweet bag skills.


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