i don't know why, but lately a lot of the conversation i've been involved in has dealt with attitudes and complaining and negativity.  it's made me realize even more that i have absolutely nothing to complain about.  i know i have beat on this drum before, but it's really been impressed on my heart lately, and i want to change the part of myself that quickly reacts with complaints or negative attitudes. 
negative people just drag others down and self-wallowing attitudes are so exhausting....i don't want to do that to anyone!  i want my life to be an encouragement in a society that can be so cold sometimes.

in order for me to not complain, i must first be content.
to be content, i must realize that i am not living my life to impress other people.
living my life not impressing others gets the focus off of myself...(what do they think of me??)
getting the focus off of myself turns my focus to others, how can i encourage others?

so, being serious for this post, i hope that this new year will help me to learn to stop complaining and being negative...there is no reason to do this.  when i step back and start counting all the blessings in my life, i can't help but be thankful and amazed.

love you all...have a great start of the week!


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GossamerSilk said...

Thank you for posting this! It's something that's been on my mind as well. :-)


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