80s party

Over the weekend, I got to hang out with my sister, my awesome cousin Rachel, and my brother Jonah.  We went to a rockin' 80s party hosted by my new boss for the photo editing job.  It was a total blast!  We danced, played euchre, met some awesome new friends, oh, and I may have jumped on a trampoline at midnight whilst eating meatballs.
I'd have to say that was probably the most fun party I've been to in a very long time.


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Janie said...

OHHhh... LOOK AT US! :) i was a hot mess... let me tell ya hahaha and the fact that you jumped on the tramp makes me very happy :):):) apparently my husband was laying under in at one point lol :) im so glad you came and just so you know your confession did not make it on camera :( i was so bummed!!! i went through all the tapes like three times hoping it would appear... THERE IS.. a really funny 30 sec. clip of your cousin talking to the camera haha... so here is what im going to need from you... a video redo of your confession :):):)
i hope your packing and moving is going well! let us know if you need help... we have moved quite a bit and know how hard it is to get help sometimes.... so we're here if you need us!!! and! i love to decorate :) fyi and i have tons of books on it that your welcome to! :) have a good night!


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