Apartment Schpartment...

Well, I'm going to level with you.  The new apartment has it's flaws.  :)  I went in knowing that this would be expected since we only got to see the model unit when we toured the complex.  Overall, the apartment is in great condition.  It has a couple of dated elements, but not horrible.  We are so thrilled with the amount of space we're getting for our money and the location is pretty awesome too.

The kitchen is my biggest disappointment...
I saw the stove and seriously almost flipped out.  It is a pretty nasty thing that is probably older than I am.  Also, apparently, the previous tenant didn't own a cutting board and decided to use the counter instead.
Oh joy.

But....we might have wrangled a deal to get a new stove, and maybe even a new fridge and dishwasher too. I just have to remind myself of the square footage and the washer and dryer.

I am pretty excited because I can really work with what we have to make it attractive and homey.
It's like a challenge my sister told me, and I say...Challenge Accepted!!

Here are some inspiring photos I've been looking at on Apartment Therapy to give me some decor ideas.

P.S. The lighting in the kitchen is overhead fluorescent...boo!
Any suggestions on alternatives??

{all images via apartment therapy}


Ballard said...

Before I read the post, I thought the pictures were of the apartment. I am excited to see how you decorate your new place!

Krystal said...

The challenge definitely sounds so fun!! What about a lamp in the kitchen? Maybe you can work it in to make it seem cool :)


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