Dreamy Dresses

Aren't these dresses from Sarah Seven so dreamy and beautiful?  Not only does she do amazing work, but the Portland-based designer donates a percentage of her sales to charity.  That's awesome!
Check out her blog here as well.

I hope you have an amazing weekend!  Maybe you'll be getting an early start to your Valentine's celebrations.  Landon and I are going snowboarding tomorrow with his company.  I'm excited to get out my board again and I'm working on a sweet playlist to listen to whilst I glide down the slopes.
It will include Vampire Weekend, Modest Mouse, Frightened Rabbit, MGMT, and Phoenix.
Happy Weekend to you!



KAB said...

Wow! These dresses are really gorgeous. I wish I had that short sheer dotted number in my closet!

Natalie said...

I LOVE Sarah Seven, it'd be so fun to have one of her dresses. I love that second one!

Have fun this weekend!

s + b said...

first off - i LOVE your taste in music! we are soul sisters in the music department.

second - yes, beautiful dresses but even MORE beautiful model hair! gah! so thick and wavy and perfect. why can't i have hair like that?!

Cole said...

Have you seen the long Sarah Seven dresses? They're almost better than the short versions!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

leah, these are lovely! i dream of dresses like this in the late night hours. just beautiful and love the book wall prop.
we have a local store that used thousands of books to build a changing room with. truly incredz, it's like a big cylinder and when you step inside you can read the covers of some iconic writers as well as many a danielle steel romance! haha

have a great time boarding, your playlist sounds perfect. ♥

pea ess: thanks bunches for visiting me, do the red lips for sure. you'd rock them!

Blossoming Branches said...

how beautiful!


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