I love Mason Jars...


I just love glass jars, and it's so neat to find different uses for them.  A soap dispenser and a chandelier are two things I'd like to make for our home someday.

Using mason jars in the kitchen for storage is perfect!  My mother-in-law does this and it's so nice to see what you've got in each jar, plus the glass doesn't leech out like plastic storage containers do.

We used a TON of jars for our wedding...I used the big green glass jars for centerpieces and we used pint sized jars for drinking glasses for our guests.  We still use jars for all of our drinking glasses at home and I love it.  The other day, I dropped an old jam jar we used for a glass and it shattered all over the floor. I just swept it up, threw it away, and found another jar to replace it with.  Piece of cake!  (This is especially helpful since I am somewhat of a klutz when it comes to glassware.)

I remember the lady at Bed Bath and Beyond trying to get us to register for crystal for our wedding, and I told her that I was more of a mason jar kind of girl. :)

Enjoy your weekend!  Landon and I are staying home and enjoying a weekend of nothingness. I can't wait!



Natalie said...

Love Mason jars! The soap dispenser idea is precious.

Sounds like a perfect, relaxing weekend!

Cole said...

I love mason jars, I started collecting the blue ones at garage sales 2 summers ago and have about 30.

Have a happy weekend!

Krystal said...

I love them as lights...that is amazing.

Cassandra said...

I adore Mason Jars! I've been looking for some for our apartment - we don't have much storage room, so I think it would be perfect.

I love the soap dispenser idea! That's so unique!


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