A wonderful evening...

Yesterday was the most wonderful Valentine's Day.  
*We went to Canal Bistro in Broad Ripple and had some super delicious mediterranean food.  
*I braved some magenta lipstick and loved it.  
*I'm pretty sure Landon wore the same nice sweater as he did on last year's Valentine's dinner...and that's another reason why I love him. :)
*While Landon was at work, I made a love fort from some inspirational images I had seen online last week.  
*We watched a movie and had some snacks in our pajamas and ended a busy and wonderful day.

Today is my 25th birthday, another reason why I love February, and we'll be keeping things low-key since we went out last night.  Maybe some cheesecake, a surprise Landon won't tell me about, and my yearly tradition...watching Groundhog Day!!  My all-time favorite movie with my all-time favorite actor Bill Murray. :)  I'm so happy today...there are so many things to be thankful for and I don't feel like I deserve any of them.  God is so good.

Have a wonderful day everyone!  I hope your Tuesday is fantastic!



Krystal said...

happy birthday lady!! i love the fort :)

the chirpy bird said...

Happy birthday gorgeous! Nothing like pj's and snacks to finish a day. Especially when you're sharing those snacks with someone you love
xox tash

Natalie said...

Aww, it sounds perfect! Love your lipstick, and happy happy birthday!

Cole said...

Happy Birthday Leah!
Your Valentine's Day looks lovely! I love your fort & lipstick!

Ron & Cathy said...

What fun!
I,too,feel so undeserving of God's goodness. Isaiah 43:4 keeps showing up for me....You are precious in My sight. You are honored and I love you. What a statement from God!

janie said...

you and this r awesome!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

lipstick rocks lades! and your love fort is wowness. he must have lost his mind when he walked in on that bit of fort finery!

yah, the happy birthday wine glass rides again! cheers to you doll. ♥


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