oh happy day...

I completed one of my spring goals by adding some color to our home.  I was grocery shopping at Krogers and saw these beautiful football mums beckoning to me.  They look perfect on our wooden table.

It has been easy to be joyful lately.  I have had so many good things happen in my life this week...family, friends from church, encouragement, good news, and support.  The hard part is staying joyful when the days aren't so good.  But getting practice in now will surely help later.

Today I am letting my hair down and relaxing.  I'll be finishing my book and munching on raw almonds...my most favorite snack lately.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and can find something you are joyful about, even if it's something as small as remembering to floss or eating your favorite cookie.



JANIE:) said...

buying fresh flowers for our home always makes me happy!

Katie said...

Beautiful flowers! It's amazing how fresh flowers can bring happiness to your home. At least they do for me! Glad your life is filled with joy.

XO, Katie
Running On Happiness

Cole said...

Those flowers look wonderful! The color with your wooden table is perfect!

tickled. said...

I REALLY should start adding color to our home with fresh flowers! They really do make you smile! And Spring seems like the PERFECT time!

Lauren @ tickled.


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