little moments...

We have had the pleasure of beautifying our little condo a bit this past week.  I found a wonderful rug from Crate & Barrel on sale x3 and scooped it up.

After many months, I finally got our Van Gogh poster framed by this sweet older gentleman who owns a shop in the neighborhood where we used to live.  It looks so refreshing above our dining room table.

I love that summer is here.  I love fresh fruit and simple sweets.  I love that my tummy is slowly growing bigger and that there is a little baby in there who is a perfect mix of Landon and I.  Lately, I can feel little tiny kicks when I'm relaxed, and it makes me so much more excited to meet our little son or daughter.

Have you ever had a meltdown?  I have been having them so much more lately.  Sometimes things get too overwhelming and I just need a cry.  I was listening to Sigur Ros' Godan Daginn (one of my favorite songs) the other night and just sat down on our couch and let it all out.  Sometimes life is hard and stressful.  Sometimes things aren't perfect.  Sometimes I realize how much I don't know and how much I need to learn.  I cry and sob and bawl.  I talk to Landon, my mom, or my sister.  I pray for help.  Then I realize that I am so blessed, I can do this, and things will get better even if they seem like they won't.

Life is such a blessing and we have so much to look forward to.
Thank goodness for little moments.


Natalie said...

Your apartment looks so, so pretty! And how in the world did I miss that you two are expecting? Congratulations! So excited to read about your pregnancy and parenthood adventures. :)

Hannah H. said...

Your little house is so cute!! I love it!

stace said...

Awww. Somtimes we do just need to cry. I'm sure that's probably amplified with pregnancy.... :)

Your apartment looks so comfy and cute!


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