I am so sorry for not posting in any sort of pattern lately.  A baby on the way has definitely changed up a lot of things around here and I find myself prioritizing things differently.

I thought I'd give a quick update on how things are here in Indianapolis at the Rife household.

Landon continues to work hard at being a structural engineer.  He is so good and so hard working...I know his co-workers appreciate his calm and laid back personality in the office.  We have been praying about what the future holds regarding job and location, and we are looking into some different opportunities...ones that don't include Indiana.  But for right now, especially with the bambino, we are content with being close to family and having an amazing church family.

Speaking of church family, we have been amazed at how our relationships have exploded with the people in our church!  I have never been in a group of such genuine and amazing people who are so loving, and it has been such a blessing to get to know them better.  Landon and I are  now a part of the worship team at church on a regular basis...Landon plays guitar or bass, and I play the violin.  It's so wonderful.

I am working at home doing wedding photo editing and loving it!  The hours are perfect since I make them as I want, and I have an amazing boss who is kind, genuine, passionate, and so very talented.  I have loved getting to know her a whole heck of a lot better.

My belly is getting bigger every day and I can feel a ton of movement and body parts...it's pretty weird sometimes, but at least I know baby is doing ok!  Landon and I are taking a Bradley birthing class since we are opting for a non-medicated, natural birth and it has been helping so much!  I love researching and being informed, and this class has definitely done that for us.  Plus, it focuses on the husband as the coach during labor and birth, and Landon is showing real promise for being a superb coach for me!  He faithfully encourages me to do my exercises and relaxation, and eat well, and he is getting excited about being a dad.  I am not afraid of labor or birth, I am mentally preparing, and it is going to be awesome!  Yes, it will hurt a lot, but I'm learning to embrace the pain and welcome what my body is naturally created to do.  Isn't it amazing that women's bodies are fully equipped to grow and give birth to a baby?  I am constantly wowed by the way my body can adapt and handle this little one.

So, here are a few things lately....

My daily breakfast: homemade honey cinnamon oatmeal, homemade whole wheat toast with butter, and ice cold milk.  mmmmm...


My occasional guilty pleasure in the form of a salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks.

I can't believe I'm almost 8 months along!  It's going by fast.  The midwife told us baby is head down though!!  Woo hoo!

From our northern Michigan vacation

He's going to be a great dad. :)

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bron @ baby space said...

Your birth class sounds wonderful! Right up my alley. And you and your bump are looking gorgeous too :)


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