baking day!

My sister, Hannah, came down to visit last week for a baking day!  
We found some great recipes on Food Gawker, and made three sweet fall desserts.  One thing we are pretty good at is baking and cooking, so we totally ruled the kitchen with our mad skills. :)
Our hubbies were extra happy when we divided up the goods and shared with them later that evening, so yes, we were nice and shared.

Here's a peek at our day...

We finished the day with some dark hot cocoa with whipped cream and taste tested our goods.  It was such a fun day working together, talking, laughing, and just hanging out.  Here are the recipes we used if you want to try them out.  My favorite was the pumpkin cinnamon rolls...by far the easiest and best recipe I've ever tried.

Happy Halloween to all!  Hopefully we'll get some little trick-or-treaters tonight, but if not, we'll just have to finish the candy ourselves...oh well.  We didn't do any dressing up for a Halloween party this year, but Landon and I had the chance to get decked out for a maternity shoot we did yesterday.  My boss did an amazing job with us and I can't wait to see the photos!  Let's just say I never expected to wear a tutu or a mustache, or have Landon juggle for our prego photos...they are going to be awesome!

Have a fun day!

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Miss @ Miss in the Kitchen said...

Glad to see you tried the pumpkin cinnamon rolls! Hope you liked them as much as we did!


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