My go-to snack lately...

1) Cut up one granny smith apple into slices.
2) Cut up a chunk of your favorite cheese into slices...sharp cheeses work well.
3) Pair up a good looking apple slice with a great slice of cheese.
4) Enjoy!

Tomorrow is Landon's birthday, so we are taking the entire day and celebrating.  I told him no baby talk is coming out of my mouth tomorrow.  He deserves some quality one on one time, and I am going to make it the best 25th birthday that I can for him.  For sure it will include: cherry turnovers and chocolate milk (a Rife tradition we have carried on), Boogie Burger...seriously the best burgers in Indy, a movie that Landon gets to pick...I think we might see The Rum Diary, a special yummy dessert that I'm making, and hanging out all day!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Krystal said...

for a tapas once we had apples and goat cheese and it makes my mouth water to think about it, it was SO GOOD. I will have to try this!


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