So Landon and I are going to get back into running soon.  We're signing up for a few small races to give us some incentive, and I am so excited!  Landon was a bigger runner in high school and college, and I got serious about it during and after college.  My dad is a huge runner and competes in all kinds of races, and I admire him so much.

So to give me even more motivation, I found this awesome story of K.V. Switzer.  You may have heard of her, but I hadn't before today.  She is the first woman to run the Boston marathon as a numbered entry in 1967.  That was 5 years before women were allowed to enter officially.  She was a 20 year old college student who was gutsy enough to enter a race that she was told women were incapable of running.  After running four miles, the race official attempted to stop her, but her boyfriend shoved him out of the way.  Awesome story!  Read more about her here.


Anyway, while we may not be running in the Boston marathon, we are aiming for a few 5k races to start out with and work up from there.  I can't wait to spend time running with Landon and pushing Finn in his stroller!

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stace said...

What a great story! And yay for family running time!! :)


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