Simple Goal Setting


I'm not going to lie, being a mama takes work!  It's amazing how I can still function some days with only 4 hours of consecutive sleep and a tiny bowl of applesauce.  Finn is SO worth the hard work of learning how to be a mama though.
Anyway I was just thinking about goal setting, and I love this image.  I can get overwhelmed really quickly...I was like that in college and at some stressful jobs I've had.  This is a great reminder that I don't have to be a super-mom and get a million things done every day.  One small goal accomplished each day is good enough for me right now.  Today is laundry, tomorrow will be finishing a baby shower invitation I'm working on, and Thursday will be to see my sister.  Giving myself permission to accomplish one thing at a time helps me be more productive in the long run since it's harder to get overwhelmed when there's only one thing to do.

One day, I'll have more time to organize and work on multiple projects.  But for now, I just get to enjoy my precious baby boy and take care of him...which is the best job in the whole world. :)


Michelle said...

I love this!! I also get easily overwhelmed when I have several things to do. I used to give myself just one thing to do a day, but I've fallen away from that a bit. You've inspired me to pick it back up :)

Kristen said...

love this! you're so right...hardest job ever, but so, so worth it :)


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