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Has it really been a whole year?!  Our baby boy turned 1 last week, surrounded by both of our families.  I made a healthy smash cake, and he didn't even touch it, I helped him blow out his candle too. :)

This little man has completely changed our lives, in every good way.  Landon and I are better people because of Finn, and we learn so much from him as the days go on.

It's hard to believe that a little over a year ago, I started labor and gave birth to the most precious baby boy, while Landon stayed by my side the whole time.  Landon has been such an amazing dad to Finn, as I knew he would.

Here are some stats on Finn now that he's a big boy:

*Eats like a 5 year old every day with fav foods being: oatmeal, natural applesauce, peas, greek yogurt, meat of any kind, cheese of any kind, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash risotto, or pretty much anything I put in front of him.

*Still nurses a few times a day, and I'm not really sure what weaning will look like.  I don't know but we'll probably talk to the Dr. and La Leche this week to get some good advice.  But we made it past a year and I'm so glad we did it!

*Sleeps (normally) for 10-12 hours at night unless he's been up late.  Gets up at 7:30 almost every morning.

*Takes two, 2 hour naps each day (normally.)

*Crawls like a mad man with one foot flat on the ground and the other normal.

*Pulls up and walks along furniture.  Stands alone for a few seconds, but not walking yet...whew!

*Loves climbing stairs and can climb our entire staircase alone, though we stay close.

*Has only been sick twice, once with a fever, once some bad chili I made...sorry baby boy. :(

*We're taking him for his 1 year check up today, but we think he's pushing 20lbs.

*He has 6 teeth.  Two front bottom ones and the front four on the top.  He got three of the top ones all at once, poor guy, but his teething necklace has done wonders!!  I highly recommend them.

*Loves playing outside, I mean, loves it! We were in the Poconos last week, and he was having a ball.  We went on a lot of hikes and went outside every day.  He is mesmerized by the outdoors.

*We try not to let him watch t.v. but we make exceptions occasionally.  Fortunately, he's really not interested in it anyway.

*We don't give him any processed sugar, and try to feed him as many whole foods as possible....it's harder than it seems!

*Get's adjusted at the chiropractor once a month with Landon and I.

*Still loves bath time with dad...almost every night he gets one.

*Says "mama," "dada," "more," "light," "ball," and "nana," (nurse.)

*Signs "all done," "more," and "milk."

*Has been really good at listening and obeying so far, and stays off things like our fireplace and t.v. stand.  It's been more of me learning to be consistent when I tell him to do something or not do something.

*Starting to get a little tantrum and likes to scream when he's upset.  Haha, we are working on that.

*Sucks his thumb when he's tired and cuddles into me before I lay him down for sleep.

*Has proven to be the sweetest little boy I could have ever hoped for.  We love him so very much!


Kate Harvey said...

So sweet!!!!!

Amy Boyea said...

How exciting!!!

Erica said...

Oh, just adorable. Happy birthday to your little man. I just love that first pic. Such a creative backdrop. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said about Finn. However, I also know that he would not be the little man he is today without AWESOME parents like you two. Keep up the good work! And...I mean work. I know...been there, done that! haha Love to all...Grammie/Coolmom


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