Merry Christmas!

I have been so bad about posting regularly...life gets crazy in December.  (New Year's resolution...be a consistent blogger.)

Well we are bustling and hustling around here to get ready to leave tomorrow.  We are headed back to Landon's parents' house to enjoy the next week and a half celebrating the holidays.  I am planning on making some Christmas treats to take, we have almost all the gifts wrapped, and I am searching for a book to check out of the library to take...I'm thinking a good mystery.

Landon will work in their Columbus office for a couple days after Christmas, so I get to tag a long and stay in the hotel and go out with him in the evenings.  We'll leave Finn with his grandparents and they'll have a great time.  We treasure those times when we get to spend alone time without our sweet baby boy.

I must admit, there have been a lot of things lately that have gotten me feeling blue despite all the holiday cheer.  The tragedy of lost lives, the mad materialistic dash I see every day, some decisions that are popping up for Landon and I to make very soon...it's all a little overwhelming.  But then, I looked closer and I saw and heard things that inspired me and completely blew all the sad or anxious things out the window.

I heard about how my boss and her husband sacrificed their entire Christmas to adopt two families in need...and gave generously to them without thought or care about themselves.

I saw my dad lead a group of people from our old church back home to spend their entire day ministering to the elderly and shut-ins and bringing cheer to those that don't have family or can't get out anymore.

I heard about how my mom has taken the time to listen and hurt with a fellow student in her study group who has experienced loss these last few months, and makes time in her busy schedule to be available to just listen.

I heard about how my sister made a small (but big) gesture of giving, and paid for someone's coffee...and she didn't even know them.

I witnessed my husband excitedly give away a huge chunk of his bonus, and all of his birthday money to a cause that brings clean water to those without.

And I was concerned about finding the right outfit to wear to Christmas Eve, or if we'll be where we want in a couple months, or if I have enough chocolate to make truffles.....

See, even though this world is full of hatred and loss and evil, I still see a glimmer of light and kindness and self-sacrifice.  The little things that I get anxious about each day don't really matter.  I see how I am loved by an amazing group of people, and how I am loved by an even Greater love than those.  This season isn't about Santa or elves or cookies; it's about sacrificial giving, self-less-ness, and unconditional love.  I am so inspired and humbled when I think back and reflect on all I've seen this season.  I hope that you are inspired by things you see in your day to day tasks, and that you would also take some time to reflect on if you've been able to give freely to someone as others have done before.

Merry Christmas to you all, and the happiest of New Year's!!


Amy Boyea said...

Great post! Merry Christmas (pass it along to the rest of the family)!!!!!

Michelle said...

Columbus, Ohio by any chance?! That's where I live :)

Anonymous said...

THIS is beautiful... love to you and yours this Christmas <3

Leah Rife said...

Thanks guys!
Yes, Michelle, we will be in Columbus Ohio!! Any tips are appreciated. :)

Michelle said...

If you get a chance, I HIGHLY recommend Wild Lights at the Zoo! It's SO fun and Christmasy, and the light displays are amazing! And you have to make sure you grab some Jeni's ice cream!


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