things i relish...

*authenticity and openness

*seeing my breath in the winter

*watching my son's face when he sees his dad come home in the evening

*licking the brownie batter out of the bowl

*warm fires and cozy blankets

*seeing someone help another person when I'm out and about

*listening to someone's life story

*good books and long naps

*a beautiful wedding photo

*the wind in my face

*peanut butter on bananas

*cafe string lights lit up in our bedroom

*getting hugged by my good friends

*watching my niece smile

*avocados with cheddar cheese

*stories of sacrifice and redemption

*hot drinks

*seeing a breathtaking landscape for the first time


*being alone after a day filled with busy things

*singing softly to my son as he cuddles against my chest

*playing my violin

*sitting with my husband and talking about life, dreams, and everything else


Kate Harvey said...

Love this list. I think we'd get along great in person! :)

Anonymous said...

A thing I relish...witnessing the transformation of my little sweet baby girl into a beautiful wife to my son-in-law and an amazing mother to my grandson. You are a wonder of God's creation. I love you SO much!


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