Landon and I are super excited about this new year.  There are some changes coming in our home...a possible move, a stronger bent towards a simple lifestyle, and a few other things.  We have been talking a lot about the new year and the idea of resolutions.  While I personally feel like resolutions can be a failure trap and don't always work, I love the idea of aspirations. (Thanks to my one of my best friends for giving me this word!)  So we came up with just a few aspirations for our family this year:

*Simplicity - over the last three years of our marriage, we have become more and more passionate about simple living.  We feel like it is a lifestyle that fits us well, and we are seeing the amazing benefits of working towards a simple life.  This is our number one aspiration, not just for this year, but for the rest of our lives.  Simple Mom is an amazing blog that got me started thinking on this subject a few years ago.  I bought Tsh's book, and it is full of great simplicity inspiration.  Another life-changing blog I stumbled upon earlier this year is Becoming Minimalist.  Every article I've read is convicting and inspiring.  Take a read sometime.

*Enrichment - We feel like this goes along with simplicity.  As we remove clutter and distractions from our lives and home, it's important to replace those things with something else...something more rich and substantial.  We have a desire to spend more quality time together experiencing new things...like taking more trips instead of spending money on insignificant purchases for our home or closet, and replacing a lot of cheap things in our home with few high quality ones.  By buying a small amount of simple whole foods for our groceries instead of a lot of cheap processed ones.

*Intention - This is another big one for us.  We want to have more time to focus on the relationships in our lives, and by ridding our schedules of things that rob us of time, we will be free.  Also, by focusing on others more, we will become happier people as we take the focus off ourselves and what we think we need to be happy.  We also want to be intentional with every aspect of our lives...what we buy, how we spend our time, and making sure we make room for the things that are important to us.

*Personal - Landon has a personal desire to read more, meditate, be more active, and become more giving and generous to others.  My personal aspirations are to cut out a lot of the refined sugar in my diet, practice yoga regularly, listen more, and read more.

Since these are aspirations, we are leaving room for learning, and knowing that each small decision we make towards these aspirations can only do us good.  These are aspirations that we hope to make into habits, and we are excited to work at them little by little.

What about you, what new decisions have you made for this year and the coming ones?


Kate Harvey said...

This is a great post, Leah. Good luck on your quest to live a more simple life. I admire you and your husband for choosing to do this!

Benlovesting said...

Lovely blog! x

Michelle said...

These are great!! I've totally been getting into the simple living lately. It's something I've been moving toward over the last year, and it's been incredibly rewarding. Good luck to you guys!


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