a baby is coming....

Things have been busy over this-a-way lately.  I've been finishing up work projects, sewing projects, DIY projects, and hobby stuff.  Finn and I have been getting outside every chance we get, and it feels so good!  Landon and I have been working hard on a financial class we are taking, meaning tweaking our budget, cutting costs and being disciplined, and paying off our remaining loans as quickly as we can. (I can't wait to become debt-free!!!)  Some nights we both just want to veg in front of a movie because it seems like the days are so busy.  But life is good and we are just trying to soak up as much as we can...even if that means watching a movie every now and then. :)

So, about this baby deal.  It's not ours. :)  But my cousin and his gorgeous wife are expecting this fall!  We are so excited for them.  It's so weird (and awesome) to think that my big older cousin who used to rough house around with my other cousins and I is going to be a daddy!  They asked if I would take a few photos to help them document this exciting time, so we got to hang out one afternoon.  They are in a really exciting time not only because of the baby, but because my cousin is graduating with his Master's degree soon and there are new possibilities on the horizon for them.  His wife has been such an amazing gal as she has been working to support her hubby.  I am so excited to see where they will end up!

Anyway, here are a few photos I took of them.  I love getting to hang out with family any chance I get, and it was so fun to be a mini part of their exciting news.








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Anonymous said...

Amazing pics. Love the shoes. This will make my 3rd grand niece or nephew. It's on the calendar now! Can't wait! coolmom48679


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