hello friday...


Favorites from this week...

*I bought these Sanuk Yoga Mat Fip Flops at REI and they are ahhh-mazing!!  I have been looking for some good flip flops not from Old Navy for a little while, and fell in love with these.  They were reasonably priced, and I literally feel like I'm practicing yoga all day as I walk in them.  Heaven.

*Taking morning bike rides with Finn.  I am loving this amazing weather we are having, and Finn and I both got our tans on the other day, it was so warm and sunny.  Gotta break out the sunscreen soon.

*Book reading.  I picked up a sci-fi thriller novel from the library and I am already a third of the way through.  It is good, and it feels good to read a book that has nothing to do with babies, food, boobs, parenting, health/medical issues, recipes, or anything else related to being a mama. :)

*Working on an adoption video.  It's almost finished, and I can't wait for people to see it.  The family I'm working on it for is so sweet, and they have one of the most touching stories.  It's an honor to hear their story, and put it into video format for others to hear as well.

*Having my husband bring home a Flying Cupcake after a rather terrible day earlier this week.  I have been battling headaches off and on, Finn is going through some sort of phase (what's new), and some days it can be challenging to handle everything I need to get done.  A cupcake from my guy makes a world of difference on days like that.

*Finishing a financial class!  Landon and I have been taking a financial class for the past 9 weeks, and we finished up this week.  I will tell you that over the past 9 weeks, our view of money and how we use it has completely changed.  We are on the road to becoming debt-free, and it feels so good.  We have decided to post-pone buying a house until we have reached our debt-free goal...which may be a couple more years, but it's going to be totally worth it for us.  We aren't taking the popular route by any means, but we are totally fine with that!  We are aiming to live very simply now, so that later, we will be able to buy things and enjoy things that we are wanting to do, and give in the way we have always imagined.

*Making music.  Landon and I were on worship team on Sunday, and I played guitar instead of violin, and Landon played the accordion!  He enjoyed switching things up as well.  One of my favorite things to do is play music with Landon at home.  When we sing together, it makes my heart happy.

*Staying positive.  It's been a struggle, but a focus of mine to try and stay positive.  It's hard sometimes, with everything going on in the world, but life is so much more real and lovely when I aim to look on the bright side.  This doesn't mean that I discard struggles and hurt, but after processing them, I am trying to come back to focusing on what is good in my life.

Have a great weekend!!

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Keri said...

Ahh! I just bought the same flip flops at REI. They're amazing!


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