iced coffee...

After some super busy weeks, vacation, and lots of summer fun, we are finally relaxing for a week....before heading out for some more fun weekends in August.  Doing as much to relax and savor each day of this quickly passing summer, one of my favorite ways is to enjoy a nice iced coffee.  It's been our go-to drink this year, and it's nice to have one that tastes so good and isn't too bad for us either.  Landon takes his black, and I take mine with a bit of milk or half and half.

To make mine at home, I just brewed some strong coffee, then chilled it overnight.  I threw in a few ice cubes, added some whole milk, then filled up the cup with the coffee.  Love it!

I can't wait to share some photos from our vacation we just recently got back from.  We enjoyed touring around the Williamsburg area, and Landon and I got to take an amazing whitewater rafting trip just the two of us.  Summer is so exciting!!

Now, off to enjoy a gloriously beautiful day outside.  I think Finn and I will be exploring a new park in the area and do a bit of hiking.  Happy August!

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