hello, again...

Well, I'm back!  Here's a little peek at what my days are like now.  I have two boys!  Finn will be 3 soon, and Johann just turned 3 months!  Life has been all sorts of crazy/busy/fun/hard these days.  But it's been so amazing watching our family grow and change.

After burning out a bit with being pregnant and having a new baby, I took the spring and summer off from updating on here. While it was unintentional to leave this little corner of the internet all alone for awhile, it turned out to be a much-needed break.  It also allowed me to sort of refocus on what my goals are for this blog and using my time in general.

For the last few years, Landon and I have been aiming towards simplifying our life. 
We have realized our goal of a simple life is a journey, and one that's constantly evolving and adapting. I want to use this space and my time writing on here as an outlet for all the ideas and actions we take to get closer to our goal.  Because of that, I am going to aim to write with more intention and focus on how we are trying to practically live that out, alongside the usual family updates, of course.

Life is too short to waste, and I hope we can savor every minute of it! I can't wait to get back into writing here and there about how we are trying to do just that.

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Amy Boyea said...

You're back! I've been checking once a week waiting for baby pictures. :-)


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