what's in a name?

So I'm thinking of coming up with a new design name for my invitations.  I love Cambiamento, but it always seems to confuse people.  I need something simple and easy to remember.

My sister and I have been brainstorming, and we've come up with a couple of names that I like, and I've done some rough, and let me stress rough sketches. 

Eden design is one of my choices.  I love the idea of having a natural feel to the name since a lot of my designs are inspired from nature and organic shapes.  If I choose this, I'll be reworking the layout to find something I like.  I think I will incorporate a green color, but I haven't figured out quite what I like yet.

Now this is more of a thoughtful idea.  I was thinking that if I do get more into maps or table seating charts, then a more logical approach to a logo would be appropriate.  The idea of the shape is like a thumb print.  I got the idea from the leaf designs I've been working on for my own invitations.

I'll be reworking each of these and come up with a more solid idea so I can make a final decision.  Hopefully, I can get this done quickly so I can print some business cards and give them out.  

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