final decision!

So I finally made up my mind!  I decided to take the leaf I designed for my own wedding invitation, and use it in my design logo.  This leaf is one of my favorite designs, and I love the font so much.  It is simple and clean, and I love blue so much.  So I'll be working on getting some business cards printed and start getting my name out in the wedding world.  I need to print some invitation samples and maybe even be motivated enough to create a sort of brochure or booklet to give out.  

It's hard to feel inspired some days.  Right now I feel like I'm in a design rut.  It's funny because I feel inspired away from home, with great coffee, great music, and sweet lighting.  That's when I feel the most productive.  So my goal is to get myself in those settings more often so I can get some good work done!

Here is the design in a business card layout and close up.

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Ray and Kelly Siler said...

Yay, Leah! I'm glad you're going with this. I'm so excited for you!

May I offer a suggestion? Since the spelling of the word "blue" is without the "e", my eyes had trouble reading the design right away - I read "blule"...

My suggestion is to pull the "e" and the "a" a little bit closer together and to create a small smace between the "u" and the "l". I think that would help readability.

Just my thoughts - great work!!


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