Moving Around

We have finally moved to Indy and are feeling somewhat settled in now. I spent three straight days unpacking, sorting, organizing, reorganizing, and cleaning before I finally felt at home.

We absolutely love our new place and the area around where we're living. There are so many things to do! Being in the newly-married-no-kids phase of our marriage, I think that this is the perfect area for us. It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we can literally drive 2 minutes and get anything we need! We are both country kids, and growing up having to plan trips to town has made this new area seem so amazing and surreal. Even though this is not the area we want to raise a family...with all the commercialized and materialistic things, it's exciting and fun and awesome to explore right now. I can't wait for warmer weather when we can go to the various festivals and activities around the area!

I got things pretty much situated in our apartment to take some pictures. I love all of the handmade and wooden things in our apartment. We've had so much fun refinishing furniture, and making creative accent pieces for our living areas. I love going into stores like The Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel and looking for cool ideas for decorating and home improvement. It's gives me a sense of accomplishment to find a neat idea, create a DIY version, and know how much money I saved! Plus I love the piece so much more knowing I put some work into making it.

Landon has been enjoying his job so much. He really likes his new office and it's only 10 min. from our apartment...gas savings, woo hoo! There aren't as many people in this office, and Landon really likes the quiet and focused environment to work. I am so proud of him!! He has learned so quickly and is working so hard. For those of you who don't know exactly what he does, he's doing structural engineering on cell phone towers. When he first started back in October, he was working on all different kinds of towers for different companies. Right before we moved, he got word that he was being put on the AT&T team. So now he only works on AT&T towers and is able to have more consistent work. It was like a promotion for him and it was so encouraging to hear!! My husband is amazing and am so proud of him!!

We would love for our friends to visit if you are ever driving through Indy. Goodness knows we could find a place to eat that's close by. :) Or, I could make you some chicken parmesan with bruschetta and some scotcharoos and tea for dessert....hmmm, I'm hungry right now. We're so happy to be here and we are so excited to explore and get to know our new city!



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