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Well I have neglected this poor blog for many moons, and now I am finally getting back into things. Since it's a new year and so many new things have happened, I decided to give my blog a new name and look in honor of all these changes. Let me bring you up to date.
My internship in Oregon was amazing, as were my travels and the different people I met. Some of my highlights were going hardcore rafting and bridge jumping with some pals on the White Salmon River, getting to stand only a few feet away from a newborn baby elephant at the Oregon Zoo, exploring the amazing city of Portland with Powell's bookstore and the Greek Cusina restaurant, and getting some amazing time to reflect, read, and just live a little more simply and quietly than I did in college.
But the most amazing highlight was when Landon shocked me completely by flying out to spend a weekend with me. He proposed as we were sitting on a blanket in a field overlooking the airport in the night with the planes flying right above us. I moved home after my internship was over and began wedding planning.
My sister was married in May, 2009 with a beautiful outdoor wedding. She and I had so much fun planning our weddings together and being each other's maid of honor.
Landon and I were married October 3, 2009 in front of his parent's home. It was the most wonderful day of my life. He is my best friend and we are truly in love and having the time of our lives being married.
So fast forward four months. We are now getting ready to move from our dear, yet small studio apartment in Akron, Ohio to the dashing town of Indianapolis. Landon is working as a structural engineer, and he loves so much what he is doing. I am busy with design work, arts and crafts that I've always wanted to try, and gearing up for our move. I have a job interview in Indianapolis, so we are hoping that all things will work out as the Lord wills. God has been so good to us. We have learned to trust Him and are still learning. After some disappointing job letdowns over the summer, I really believe He has us where He wants us right now.
Landon and I are so excited to move and settle into our next location. We hope there will be many more! We have some plans for this summer of travel and working on our art and are so looking forward to what the next few months will hold.
I leave you with some images of our wedding.

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