So Lately...

Landon and I have enjoyed some quiet times at home lately. We love lazy weekends with not a lot pressing on us. This past weekend we did venture out though and enjoyed watching the new Alice in Wonderland which was very good I thought. Tim Burton is so artistic and original and we love his movies. Since we live in a bigger city now, there are movie times of plenty, so we went to the 10:30am showing on Saturday. I know, I know, but it was actually the best time to see a movie on the weekend. No kids running around or talking, empty parking lot for our spot of choice, and maybe ten or so other viewers in the theater who were all over the age of 50. I say yes to that!

After some window shopping and buying a box of thin mints (best cookies ever) from the little girl scouts, Landon took me to Maggiano's, a nice Italian place down the street from our apartment. We weren't very hungry, so we got what we never get when we eat out...appetizers and dessert! It was so wonderful to sit back in an oversized booth with my lover and enjoy some *light* fine dining. We had some wonderful Stuffed Mushrooms and Bruschetta to start, then a Cappuccino, Tiramisu and Chocolate Zuccotto cake. So good!! We definitely splurged and may have wiped out our entertainment fund for next week as well, but I told Landon it was totally worth it! Ah, but sometimes it's nice to get a little fancy.

Now for a week of accomplishments I hope. I'm waiting to hear back about a job, today is grocery day, and I have some photo and graphics projects that I need to finish up and get printed. Also I must finish my embroidered pillows I've been slowly finishing. This year, I have decided to only have a few projects going at once and try to finish one before I start on another. It's really hard because I get inspired so easily and want to make all sorts of things. But it's good to finish what I start and only have a small plate-full of projects.

I leave you with some shots of one of our weekend nights at home.



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Allison said...

I love Maggiano's. Their food so delicious and mouth watering. I can't wait to see you soon.
Love from Ballard.


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