Glass Bottles & Potting Soil

Ahhh, it is Springtime! This is not my most most favorite season (fall trumps all), but I love the beginning of the spring when the earth is finally waking up from winter. I get an itch to get outside and get my hands dirty planting or work up a good sweat by running. Plus the birds! I love waking up early to the sound of birds out the window...best alarm ever.

I went to a cute little garden shop a few days ago to gather my little bit of supplies needed to plant a few flowers. Pansies are so beautiful, plus they will do well on our front porch which only gets partial sun. Then I had to buy a beautiful houseplant to bring some green into our apartment. I wasn't sure what to put it in, then I found a wooden bowl we had bought recently, but didn't really have any purpose for. The plant fit perfectly inside and I love the natural look!! Complete with my pansies, house plant, and potting soil, I was set. I may have used our tiny square of linoleum by the front door to pot the plants using a metal serving spoon, but hey, whatever works right? But they look so wonderful sitting by the front door and inside our home...which feels more homey because of them.

We've also been drinking some wonderful wonderful lemonade. We bought some at Marsh the other day mainly because we loved the glass jug it came in. Oberweis sells milk in these jugs too, and I just loved the look of milk in a glass bottle. Sometimes I wish I grew up during the '40s when milk still came in glass bottles.

Landon and I have a big weekend! He gets off at 12:30 today! Then, we're celebrating our 6 month anniversary a day early and going to see Clash of the Titans in 3D, and getting some yummy grub at Cheeseburger N' Paradise....I love meat! We're heading back to our parents' for Easter and I cannot wait to be with family and cook with my sister and have a wonderful Sunday service at our church listening to my Daddy preach. I am making some dishes for our Easter dinner that sound so good right now:
Creamy Chopped Cauliflower Salad, and Raspberry Chocolate Torte.

Here are some images of my springtime fun for you to enjoy.

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend!!



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