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Some new things that brightened my evening two nights ago. My awesome friend Autumn made me a lovely housewarming gift in the form of a new apron! I'm so excited to cook in it. Autumn said "Get it stained, I don't care." and I am planning just that.

Our friend Casey gave us a really good juice drink and we loved it. I'm pretty sure it's the best soda juice drink I've ever had. It wasn't too sweet and the flavor was so rich and smooth.

We made some coffee and no bake cookies...again. I just love no bake cookies and we eat them so often it's not even funny. The container of rolled oats I have is almost gone, and we've used all of the oats in the form of no bake cookies. I know. But we this last batch a little differently. We have some leftover Easter candy and the chocolate bunnies are so sweet that it takes us forever to eat them. So we just melted down the bunny, added a bit of butter, a tad of cocoa, and a generous helping of peanut butter and mixed it with rolled oats and it was delicious! I'll eat any super sweet chocolate if it's mixed in with peanut butter and oats.

We finally go our bedroom organized using our new bookshelf. It's a ladder bookshelf and, again, we picked the dark brown finish to match our other pieces. I got some wedding pictures framed and stacked my magazines and books just so, and it looks great in our bedroom. There's just something about and orderly stack of books or magazines that just makes me happy.

Ready to finish off this work week and spend a lovely weekend at home with Landon. He makes me laugh every day. Last night, he was stirring some juice in one of our glass jar cups and it was super loud and fast. I asked him why he had to stir so loud, and he said "It sounds like a horse galloping!!" Oh I love him. We went to a Christian bookstore last night because he wanted us to get a couples devotional book and one for each of us. I'm so excited to start the book with him.
We're going to pick out some fabric for curtains I'll make, so I need to study the manual on my new machine and get it ready to sew! I can't wait to try all sorts of new things. I think I'll go get a Chai and relax a bit before work.
Have a lovely day!!




Anonymous said...

yummy...no-bake cookies! the ingredients were clever. love the bookshelf. Autumn's awesome apron...cool. coolmom84679

Anonymous said...

Love all your pictures! Glad to see the apron already getting used:)

Casey Purdy said...

Glad you liked the Italian Soda! Thanks again for the Limo airport transport, the posh hotel, and the good company.
Love Ya Both,



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