Warmth and Honey

Now that I finally have a sewing machine, I'm ready to attempt all sorts of lovely projects. The first on my list is curtains for our front window. Landon and I went to JoAnn Fabrics and found a beautiful printed material that we love. The colors fit so well with some other things in our apartment. I particularly love the burnt yellow and maroon together....it's so warm and cozy. A cool website I found has some really neat vintage patterns and fabrics. It's called Repro Depot. Check them out. Etsy also has fabric by the yard for sale.

I've been researching online some ideas for what style of curtains I want to make. Hopefully I can decide and get these up soon!! It's been so long since I've sewn anything with a machine that I need to relearn how to thread the bobbin and all that jazz. But it's worth it since I can make cool things for our nest on the cheap!

Landon and I shared a nice evening together on Friday last week. I picked up some hard cider and we poured it over ice and stirred in some honey and drank it with some nice fluffy bread. Delish! (We love bread way too much I think.) Pair with my favorite show, Jeopardy, which Landon records for me since I get home from work after it's over, and we had a wonderful evening. It's the simple things in life.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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