Summer Lovin'

I'm ready for a summer party! The weather has been so beautiful lately, and it just gets me wanting to cook some good food, get outside, and have some people over. A good park or my sister's lake house would be the perfect setting since we don't have a lot of space at our apartment. When we get a house, I told Landon we're having people over pronto!!

So a good party to me would have great food, great drinks, great music, great decor, great activities, and great people!

Food: I found some delicious pictures of food ideal for outdoor parties.
What about a nice sandwich?

Or how about some grilled chicken kabobs?

Recipe here.

Drinks: A nice refreshing glass of lemonade or berry drink can really hit the spot on a warm evening.

We had raspberry lemonade for our wedding.

Get creative with your drinks:
- add some lemon or lime juice to spritz up a regular old berry drink
-use some mint leaves and actual berries for garnish
-take some club soda and add a bit to your juice to really give it a zing

Music: Use your sweet ipod playlist and dock or burn your favorite mix and have music playing in the background. You can bump up the fun level of your party just by adding some sweet tunes.

My new favorite party song is Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second by Starfucker. (I don't really like their name, but their music is amazing!) You can listen to their song here.

Decor: Just adding a few simple decorations can really brighten your party atmosphere.

Try some tiki torches.

Use some old fabric and twine to make some sweet garlands. Landon and I made these for our wedding reception and everyone loved it. It was easy to make and gave a fun look to our tent.

Here's another look.

Activities: Bring along frisbees, croquet, volleyballs, set up a fire pit, play Battle of the Sexes, or Settlers of Catan, or any other game that tickles your fancy. Have a variety so anyone can be playing or doing something.

Croquet from our wedding:

Fire pits and lawn chairs always are a good idea towards the evening.

People: Invite all your friends and you've got a great party that is sure to leave everyone feeling grand!



Images: Sandwich, Drink, Tiki, Garland, Fire.


Josie Beck said...

We just had a little park party for my birthday yesterday! It was so fun. I wanted to do sandwiches and yummy foods and decor but we had a crazy weekend with TWO showers (bridal and baby!) and so many people that hot dogs and the basics were all that we could afford. (Good ol Aldi.) I did make some delicious homemade salsa though that's always a big hit.
We used leftover wedding decorations though to try to make it look semi decent.
I also brought bubbles and sidewalk chalk and my 8 track player for some good music! Add a volleyball net for badminton and great friends and you get a great day.
I'm all about having a good time at a good price and low stress level! It was loads of fun.
I wanted to get those cute glass lemonade containers too. That raspberry lemonade looks delish.
Here's to many more fun bbq's this summer!!!!

Leah Rife said...

That sounds great! I've heard of so many parties these last few weekends. Why can't we have warm weather all the time so we could party on a regular basis? :)

Josie Beck said...

haha ameeeeeeeeen!

God seriously knew just what we needed after a long cold winter! I couldn't wait to get outside and get my hands dirty and my skin warm!
Hopehopehope I get to see you guys this summer and we can bbq it up together. :)

Anonymous said...

I like your blog!
the masthead is nice. I see your royal lion dude.
Nice pics.
I got the lawn mowed for first time since all the driveway rocks were raked out of the grass!
Love you,

Leah Rife said...

D**y...you should have gotten the perp to do that! If they ever get him. :) Let's have a summer party at your house and you can use your new grill baskets. :)

Anonymous said...

I am inviting myself to your party in advance. Thank you.


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