Cracka Snackin'

Any time I eat a lot of junk food over the weekend, I immediately think of how I can start eating more healthy the next week! So with a big wedding weekend and lots of food and fun, I'm feeling like eating some healthier and yummy foods this week. I LOVE snacking...I'm more of a grazer type eater. I like to eat smaller meals and snack a lot throughout the day. Landon is the same way, which makes it nice for me. It really feels better too since I don't feel so full and stuffed after three big meals each day. So here are some of my favorite snacks that I love to eat. As you notice, they are all grainy cereals/bars. I love snacks that are high in fiber because they keep me full for a longer period of time. Fiber is so great! Here's a good website to read more about adding fiber to your diet. Kashi, and Cascadian Farm websites also have some good nutritional info.

Snacks: These are fairly cheap and so yummy!

I love Cascadian Farm cereal. Mix with some skim milk and you have a great low fat snack.

Fiber One bars are great. They have really good flavor, and they are packed with 9grams of fiber!

Ahhhh...Grape Nuts are my FAVORITE cereal. Sometimes, I add a banana to the bowl to make them extra delish.

My parents bought these cookies for us today, and they are really good. They are very hearty cookies with 4 grams of fiber in each one.

So instead of grabbing a bag of chips, eat a little bowl of healthy cereal or a nice fiber packed bar. :)

Have a good day!



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