Luncheon on the Porch

Since Landon and I were spending Mother's Day with my mom and dad, we decided to go to Landon's parents' house this past Sunday for a late Mother's Day meal. It was so good just relaxing with them in the afternoon with a lovely homemade meal.

We had grilled salmon and pork chops, green beans with potatoes and mushrooms, fresh strawberries and kiwi, and homemade spelt bread, which is so good and very good for you. After dinner, we had a most delicious dessert of peanut butter pie (ahh, so amazing!) and Chai lattes using the recipe from an older blog post of mine, thanks to Cathy who read the post and tried it out. The lattes were really good by the way and so easy to make.

We sat outside on their porch, the one Landon and I were married on, and had a lovely drawn out lunch in the fresh air. After a wonderful day, Landon and I took a nice night drive back home and I snapped a photo....I LOVE night drives.

Here's to good times and good food with our dear family!! Love them.



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Ray and Kelly Siler said...

Yum! Peanut Butter Pie recipe - please!


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